Running RNode (non-Docker)

These are the run commands to start an RNode Observer Node (read-only node). With this you are connecting to existing validator on mainnet.

To connect to an existing network

Please fill in the <bootstrap ID>. The current network ID is posted on RChain public testnet information.

rnode run --network-id <arg> --shard-id <arg> --bootstrap <arg> --finalization-rate <arg> --fault-tolerance-threshold <arg> --synchrony-constraint-threshold <arg> --fork-choice-stale-threshold <arg> --fork-choice-check-if-stale-interval <arg> --drop-peer-after-retries <arg> --give-up-after-skipped <arg>
  • --network-id <arg> The network to run on (testnet , mainnet).
  • --shard-id <arg> The network is splitted into shards for scaling.
  • --bootstrap <arg> The bootstrap server for initial connection to the network.
  • --finalization-rate <arg> Block finalization is triggered after adding every 'n' blocks. Use this option to configure this.
  • --fault-tolerance-threshold <arg> Float value representing that the node tolerates up to fault-tolerance-threshold fraction of the total weight to equivocate.
  • --synchrony-constraint-threshold <arg>Float value representing that the node waits until at least synchrony-constraint-threshold fraction of the validators (by stake weight) proposed at least one block since is node's last proposal.
  • --fork-choice-stale-threshold <arg> Node will request for fork choice tips if the latest FCT is more then ForkChoiceStaleThreshold old.
  • --fork-choice-check-if-stale-interval <arg> Interval for check if fork choice tip is stale.
  • --drop-peer-after-retries <arg> Fair round robin dispatcher drop inactive peer after round robin rounds. After giving up several times the peer gets dropped from the queue.
  • --give-up-after-skipped <arg> Fair round robin dispatcher give up and try next peer after skipped packets. Skipped packets are buffered in other peers packet queues.


  • run rnode
./rnode run --network-id mainnet --shard-id root --bootstrap "rnode://" --finalization-rate 1 --fault-tolerance-threshold -1 --synchrony-constraint-threshold 0 --fork-choice-stale-threshold 30minutes --fork-choice-check-if-stale-interval 30minutes --drop-peer-after-retries 0 --give-up-after-skipped 0
  • help documentation
./rnode --help

if the message: - Waiting for first connection is there for more than 1 minute, please check your ports and ip: Network Configuration

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